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You only have to look at the aftermath of British Airways’ recent IT disaster to see what happens when you lose the confidence of your customers.  “We’ll never fly with BA again” was a familiar cry from passengers.

It can take years to build loyalty, but it can all be lost in just a few hours.

At Breedon Cement we work hard to earn – and keep – our customers’ loyalty.  Whether you’re a merchant or a builder, we know you have a choice.  That’s why we make you this promise:

1. As a merchant, if you place an order today, it will be delivered within three days at the latest

2. As a builder, you can be sure you’re getting the same consistency and the same colour in every bag of Breedon Cement you buy

3. As a merchant, you can be confident that you’ll always have enough storage space. Our durable, plastic bags can be stored outside, 4 pallets high, freeing up inside space to stock more product for your customers

4. For builders, our all-weather packaging means less waste and more stock on the ground at your local merchant – so you can always get the cement you want, when you want it