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Cement is a basic building material for most building projects – but there’s nothing simple about the choice available. Here are some important things to bear in mind when choosing your cement supplier.

  1. 1. True colours?

Are you guaranteed complete colour consistency every time and from each bag of cement? Is it light in colour? (This looks good in many different types of application).  Any variations in the finished mortar colour can spoil the overall look.

  1. 2. Availability is key

Focusing on the qualities of the product – its colour consistency and so on – is vital. But what happens if you run out? That could hurt both your sales and your reputation. Does your cement supplier guarantee product availability and consistently strong lead times – they should be able to deliver within four days or less?

  1. 3. Looks are everything

Well, not quite, but the appearance and quality of cement packaging can make a real difference to sales. Most bagged cement comes in paper sacks, but look for better options, such as plastic. It weatherproofs cement, improves durability/lifespan and lets you store it outdoors, reducing the wastage from wet or damaged bags.

  1. 4. Just a little bit more…

‘Going the extra mile’ is a cliché but that’s because it’s true. Does your supplier do this? If not, choose one who does. Do they deliver great customer service? Even if they’re a big company, do they ‘focus on the local’? Is the product special enough – excellent workability, reduced bleed, for example? Is it competitively priced? And last, but not least, are you rewarded for your loyalty?

Run through this checklist and you’ll know you’re getting the best supplier and the best from that supplier!