About us

If you think all packed construction materials are the same, you haven’t worked with Breedon Cement

We’re a leading construction materials group in Great Britain and Ireland. We’ve had a booming bulk business in our own name for a while, but on the packed side we’ve been supplying other cement companies (in fact, you’ve probably used Breedon Cement in different packaging).

Now we’re working with you directly, and we take our relationship with you very seriously.

Easy to work with. Strong. Durable. Trusted. Beautiful.

It’s easier to deliver better results on time and on budget when you use our complete range of construction materials.

Why Choose Breedon Cement?

The fact is there’s no one thing that makes Breedon Cement better – it’s the sum of all the little things. Here’s our commitment to you (we call it The Breedon Charter):

Health & Safety

We’re serious when it comes to health and safety. As in we don’t compromise on anything, ever.

What you’ll notice if you visit any of our sites (and you’re more than welcome – get in touch and we’ll arrange) is how deeply rooted health and safety are in our culture.

We look out for our colleagues, the contractors that work alongside us and everyone who visits. We also look after you and your customers, ensuring that our products are developed, packed and delivered in the best and safest possible way.

If you want to know more about health and safety at Breedon Cement, read our policy statement or get in touch.